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Personal Statements 

The pool of highly competitive applicants vying for coveted space in U.S. Residency and Fellowship programs makes it challenging to stand out with anything less than a well-written and compelling Personal Statement. 


Having a cogent, readable, and interesting Personal Statement is key to getting the interviews you seek in the programs of your choice. 

We have helped many U.S. and international medical students and residents tell their stories and reach successful destinations, and we can help you! 

Personal Statements $75/hour (USD)

We review your Personal Statement to improve content, style, flow, and structure. This includes proofreading and spellcheck. We keep what works and revise what doesn't, delivering to you a new and improved document. 


Turnaround time for first-draft revisions is 7 days or less after receipt of documents and payment. Turnaround time for further drafts usually takes less time. 


The first revision for most personal statements takes between 3-4 hours. ​​


Payment in full is required after delivery of the final draft. We accept payment through Paypal, Zelle, and Venmo.

Next Steps

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Go to our Contact page, fill out the form, and introduce yourself! 

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