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Interview Preparation

Think of interviewing for residency or fellowship as theater -- before you go out on stage you need to know your lines.  

Interview Preparation offers an opportunity to practice interviewing skills through one-on-one sessions via Zoom or Skype that feature common questions asked during residency interviews. Real-time verbal feedback and a brief summary are provided.

By communicating thoughtful self-awareness, mindfulness, and confidence -- and practice, practice, practice! -- you can ace your interviews.

Interview Prep $75/hour (USD)

When putting together the rank list for a new class, residency and fellowship programs weigh academic, clinical, and test criteria with other less concrete attributes: a pleasant and genuine personality; attentiveness; the ability to articulate a compelling journey; the expression of interests outside of medicine; getting along well with others; acting collegially, professionally, and appropriately; the potential for leadership; and a capacity for kindness and compassion.  

Interview prep sessions take place on Zoom. Sessions generally last 90 minutes. We use common questions most often asked during interviews. Verbal and written feedback is provided. 


Helpful Tips

  • Dress professionally and appropriately

  • Make eye contact

  • Smile

  • Sit up straight

  • Speak clearly and thoughtfully

  • Be honest and authentic




Payment in full is required after the sessions. We accept payment through PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo. 

Go to our Contact page, fill out the form and introduce yourself! 

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