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We help you look as good on paper as you do in person.

Penn Editorial is a boutique editorial agency that provides personalized services to help you put your best self on paper. Although we specialize in working with International Medical Grads and non-native English-language speakers who are writing for English-language readers, we can help anyone tell their story. Whether you're just starting out in your field or are a nationally-recognized expert, we understand and appreciate the challenges you face.

Are you a medical trainee applying for spots in U.S. residency or fellowship programs? We can help you write a Personal Statement that tells your story and reflects your experiences, strengths, and professional goals.

We love diversity! Armenia, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Syria, and the United States -- our clients come from across the globe.


Though we may be miles apart, we utilize the power of the Internet to work one-on-one with you, giving you the personal attention you need to showcase your work and tell your best story. 

How many drafts will it take? As many as it needs. We work with you until you are satisfied with the results. 

Our outstanding communication, writing, and organizational skills combined with extensive experience with IMGs, graduate medical education, academic medicine, and health care makes us an excellent choice for those seeking editorial assistance. 

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Margo Katz has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Hampshire College and an M.A. in Playwriting from Smith College. She has been recognized with national and academic writing awards. Her extensive professional experiences in public health, healthcare, academic medicine, and graduate medical education inform her work with a variety of populations including IMGs.   
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